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We Treat You Like Family -- Si, Hablo Español

We are a local, family owned business.  Not a big, cold, out-of-state franchise operation.  We know the hassle and run-around that most car buyers experience at big car dealerships.  You don’t like that.  Neither do we.  So, we decided to treat people differently. 

For most drivers, their car is a source of pride.  It’s also freedom and mobility.  It’s your means to life’s pleasures and opportunities    a paying job, shopping, socializing, entertainment, romance, and vacation.  We understand you. 

Our goal, passion, and mission are in helping Reading area drivers to get on the road    despite having no credit or rough credit history.  To serve you, we offer several credit programs 

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If you have a down payment and a job, we CAN put you on the road. 

These programs also include a unique financing arrangement for costly major repairs.  Who ever heard of a garage financing car repairs?  We do! 

We carefully select cars for our inventory -- with you in mind -- for two reasons:

1. A wide variety of desirable, attractive, sporty cars.  From low-cost starters, to the hot car of your dreams.  And everything in-between. 

2. Mechanically sound.  Unlike other dealers, we offer a full 90 Day warranty on power train.  Others offer either none, or only 30 days.  You can rest assured    because any problems in the power train will certainly show up within that 90 days. 

Our Inventory of Cars Changes Daily    You WILL find something you love!

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You want and deserve a great car-buying experience. 

From the moment you walk through our door, we’re committed to providing you with great customer service.  Why?  Again, for two good reasons: 

1. We have built a fine reputation, very quickly.  We want to carefully guard that. 

2. We do very little advertising.  Yet we doubled our customer traffic, then doubled it again. 

This is mostly due to spreading word-of-mouth.  A lot of Reading drivers like how we

served and treated them.  (You will too.  That’s my personal promise to you.)  So, they told

their friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers. 

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car dealers near reading pa

Meet The Team

Santiago Peralta
Santiago Peralta

Service Manager

(610) 320-9090

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reading auto drive sales team
Jonatan Peralta

Sales & Finance Manager

(610) 320-9090 / (610) 507-2377

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Winson Peralta
Winson Peralta

Parts Manager

(610) 320-9090

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